Trade Projects

A Pirate Christmas

Pirate Joe, his dad, and Cannon the ship’s guinea pig are miserably marooned on their boat missing the Bucaneer’s Ball  across the water at Swashbucklers’ Hall. Worst of all, the Christmas treasure hunt is happening without them! More

Cave Discovery

The Curious Science Quest is an illustrated, non-fiction series for ages 8+. It was commissioned as a six-book collector set. The wonderful author team are award winning fiction writer, Julia Golding, physicist Andrew Briggs and artist, Roger Wagner with illustrations by Brett Hudson. More

I Want a Friend

Originally conceived and developed as a set of three ‘first experiences’ picture storybooks. Anne Booth’s and Amy Proud’s I Want a Friend was the first title in the series. More

Jenny the Shy Angel

Anne Booth’s and Ruth Hearson’s gorgeous picture storybook explores the first Christmas from the viewpoint of a gentle, quiet and yet determined little angel, called Jenny. More


Master storyteller and bestselling children’s author, Bob Hartman teams up with theologian and scholar, Conrad Gempf to bring the apostle Paul to life for children.   More

Science Geek Sam and his Secret Logbook

Sam has questions. About the Universe, the Earth, God and well…everything. This is his secret (no so much anymore) logbook of discoveries and unsolved mysteries. More