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Cave Discovery

The Curious Science Quest is an illustrated, non-fiction series for ages 8+. It was commissioned as a six-book collector set. The wonderful author team are award winning fiction writer, Julia Golding, physicist Andrew Briggs and artist, Roger Wagner with illustrations by Brett Hudson. More

Oxford English for Cambridge Primary

A six-level Primary English series with 19 print components and six sets of digital resources for students and teachers. An author team of 12 and even larger freelance editorial and design team, it was first published in 2015. More

Science Geek Sam and his Secret Logbook

Sam has questions. About the Universe, the Earth, God and well…everything. This is his secret (no so much anymore) logbook of discoveries and unsolved mysteries. More

Oxford Early Years – The Glitterlings

A groundbreaking approach to early-learning for international pre-schools and bilingual learners at home. Brings world-leading expertise on interlingual teaching and learning, and multilingualism into the classroom. More

Jenny the Shy Angel

Anne Booth’s and Ruth Hearson’s gorgeous picture storybook explores the first Christmas from the viewpoint of a gentle, quiet and yet determined little angel, called Jenny. More

Complete English for Cambridge Secondary

Three level English course for students 11-14. Matched to the Cambridge International Examinations curriculum and assessment criteria, it was published in 2016. More


Master storyteller and bestselling children’s author, Bob Hartman teams up with theologian and scholar, Conrad Gempf to bring the apostle Paul to life for children.   More

I Want a Friend

Originally conceived and developed as a set of three ‘first experiences’ picture storybooks. Anne Booth’s and Amy Proud’s I Want a Friend was the first title in the series. More

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  • I absolutely loved working with Lynne - she is so lovely and encouraging and open to new ideas and I really respected her experience and judgement. I would love to work with her again in the future.

    Anne Booth, Author
  • Lynne has what I call the 'story instinct'- she is a natural storyteller and a great communicator. As an author, Lynne taught me that writing a successful book is a collaborative effort. She's passionate, energetic and fun to work with!

    Eithne Gallagher, Author & Education Consultant
  • It was a real pleasure working with Lynne. She brought that rare combination of passion, imagination, and organisation to the book we did together.

    Bob Hartman, Author & Professional Storyteller
  • An inspiration! Lynne brought passion, knowledge and leadership to our children's list. Her tact and guidance with authors helped me enormously.

    Simon Emery, Design Manager

What's New

Welcome to Nowhere

“When I say to a parent, ‘Read to a child,’ I don’t want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate.”

Elizabeth Laird


Little Rebels Children’s Book Award

This year’s winner will be announced on 2nd June and the shortlist hosts a fabulous array of talented writers tackling important global issues. Started in 2012, the Little Rebels Award is designed to recognise the rich tradition of radical publishing for children in the UK. The award focuses on fiction only for children aged 0-12. Click here for the Little Rebels Award 2018 Shortlist.

Award winning author Elizabeth Laird is on the shortlist this year for her book, Welcome to Nowhere. Macmillan Children’s Books, 2017.

Where do you go when you can’t go home?

Twelve-year-old Omar and his brothers and sisters were born and raised in the beautiful and bustling city of Bosra, Syria. Street demonstrations and slogans are followed by government reprisals, and the whole of Syria is soon engulfed in a cruel civil war. When the bombs start falling, Omar and his family have no choice but to flee their homes with only what they can carry. The shadow of war follows them, until at last they have no choice but to flee their homeland altogether. If you are interested in why she came to write this story, visit Elizabeth’s website. This one is next on my reading list!


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